Nursing Department

Impromptu Meeting

August 19, 2013


Meeting called to order at 12:57 by Michelle Bruns, Chairperson. 

Members present were:  Michelle Bruns,Wendy Jacobson, Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn, Linda Delong, and Darcie Forster

Discussion held regarding ATI Model Integration system and how it should be implemented within the classrooms.

Motion made by Sharon that in nursing courses with ATI exit exams, 10% of the total points will be allocated to student performance on the ATI exit exam.  Motion 2nd by Wendy.  Motion passed unanimously.

Michelle will be in charge of typing up a standard statement for each class utilizing ATI exit exams, which will be ready by Thursday’s orientation of nursing students.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.