OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting

         Date: 10/21/2013


Members Present:  Michelle Bruns, Chair , Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn, Wendy Jacobson, Darcie Forester, Linda Delong via speaker phone


1. Nursing Capstone

2. Budget Cuts

3. SDS Criteria

4. WEF/classroom evaluations


Commencement: 12:05



  1. Nursing Capstone










  1. Nursing Budget








  1.  SDS criteria






  1. WEF/class observations












Adjourned: 12:55 pm
















Sharon wants to review capstone course and the preceptor evaluation.  Darcy relates that her capstone consisted mainly of clinical. It was suggested that reviewing the NCLEX test plan might be included in the capstone or a success lab. 


The budget has been seriously cut.  ATI has taken almost half of the budget. Michelle has raised the lab fees to cover ATI in the future.




Michelle announced to students they must be passing to get their stipend.  We need to look at the criteria and decide if the criteria needs to change.



Michelle wants the faculty to update WEF’s and will pop into classrooms for instructor evaluation.  Discussion ensued about developing a class evaluation for the instructors use.













































Sharon will consider looking at the Nclex test plan in the Capstone.  Level 2 instructors will review the preceptor evaluation.






Michelle will continue monitor

the supply budget.  







Michelle will talk to Billie about the criteria.








Faculty will work on WEF’s and Michelle will evaluate instructors.




























     Person responsible


Sharon and Darcie



























Faculty and Michelle