OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting

Date: 11//1/13


Members Present: Michelle Bruns, Chair, Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn, Wendy Jacobson, Darcy Forester, Ann Krejci, Linda Delong via pictel


Commencement: 2:00 pm

1. NCLEX Pass Rate

2.NCLEX test plan



††††††††††††††† Topic


  1. NCLEX pass rate

























  1. NCLEX Test Plan







  1. Advising






Adjourned:3:47 pm

†††††††† Discussion


Michelle received a report from the state board regarding the programís 2013 NCLEX pass rate. Our pass rate for this year is 63% and 69% for the N of 21.The two consecutive years of substandard pass rates will put the program on probation. Michelle has investigated many ways of approaching this problem. She is asking that we incorporate the NCLEX test blue print into the curriculum in a more integrated way.

There was also discussion about ways to identify the Level 2 students at risk for first time board failure and developing a plan to intervene early.





The students need to do practice tests on the website and become familiar with the test plan.




Michelle has been informed that we need to talk to incoming freshman about the

requirements in their majors to set them on the right track from the beginning.



†††††††† Action


Gear classrooms to application and analysis learning activities/case studies rather than lectures. Try questioning students about safety and reduction in risk potential at opportune times. Further suggestions included using templates, 1 minute care plans, pre and post quizzes, and include management, prioritization and delegation applications into class time activities. We will each try a least one or more new approaches in our classrooms.

We will send for data about the 2013 studentís NCLEX test results, identify our weaknesses and develop a plan for getting at risk students board ready.





Introduce test plan to Level 2 students.






We will make a focused effort to try to meet all incoming freshmen students declaring a nursing major.

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Michelle and faculty







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