OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Date: 1/15/2014


Members Present:, Michelle Bruns, Chair, Darcie Forster, Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn, Wendy Jacobson, Linda Delong via pictel


Announcements: There is a UOM conference for nurses in gerontology on May 19th and the annual Environmental Health Information Partnership conference in March for those interested in attending a conference. Refer to Laurie for further information.

  1. Budget Review
  2. SDS changes and official letter
  3. Predictor letter approval
  4. Official course evaluations by all faculty
  5. Nursing pins
  6. Teas Scores/testing letter
  7. Website updates: minutes, application procedure, student handbook
  8. Advising in-house
  9. IHSscholarship deadlines
  10. NEDDS in June
  11. Kaplan
  12. Orientation SLO
  13. Make-up week work-Dawn Frank
  14. Master calendar
  15. Assessment
  16. Student support/retention
  17. Office coverage
  18. CNA course Rapid City
  19. Proofing Candidacy Report
  20. Strategic Planning tweaks
  21. Civility

Commencement: 10:30

††††††††††††††† Topic


  1. Budget review








  1. SDS changes and official letter









  1. Predictor letter approval


  1. Official course evaluations by all faculty






  1. Nursing pins












  1. TEAS scores and testing letter













  1. Website updates-minutes, application procedure, student handbook





  1. Advising in-house








  1. IHS scholarship deadline





  1. NEDDS: June 5,6





  1. Kaplan





  1. Orientation SLO




  1. Make up week work- Dawn Frank




  1. Master calendar






  1. Assessment












  1. Student support/ retention



  1. Office Coverage







  1. CNA course: Rapid




19. Proofing Candidacy ††††

††† Report




20. Strategic Planning ††

†††† Tweaks




  1. Civility








Adjourned 12:50


†††††††† Discussion


Michelle will do a budget modification addressingnegative balances. Assessment and testing is in the negative so all lab fees will go to this line item.Other line items are in the positive.


Students were overpaid last year under SDS.Letters were sent to students that explain the overpayment and ask for reimbursement. Current student SDS awards will be reduced to keep students in compliance with SDS grant requirements. .


Tabled until more information gathered


Michelle suggests evaluation of all classes for appropriate content. Since content is driven by NCLEX, Sharon suggests using the NCLEX test blueprint as a guide for evaluating our courses.


President Shortbull has concerns about the cost of the gold nursing pins. Michelle relates that pins are optional in other schools. Some students have ethical concerns about using Black Hills Gold. Michelle suggests using silver or other alloys. Darcie reports her school pin cost at $28.00.



Michelle provided handouts with data comparing the TEAS test score with NCLEX pass/fail scores. Michelle suggests using 50% or 52%. cut scores on TEAS for admission requirements. Pre-nursing students will get a letter about the test and review books to study.





Michelle wants to update the nursing application form clarifying due dates for various parts of the application. The student handbook probably should be on the website.



Michelle suggests inviting nursing students majors to come to our building for advising by advertising a potluck/open house/nursing fair during registration week or some other time.


We need to get the word out for pre-nursing and level 1 nursing students to apply for this highly competitive IHS scholarship.


Michelle asks faculty to declare their intentions regarding NEDDS attendance.



The Kaplan representative will be here Feb. 7th. Michelle would like us to write questions for him to address.


We need to write learning objectives for our nursing orientation in August.


Dawn asks us not to schedule anything during making-up week so we can work on assessment.


Michelle wants a master calendar with due dates each month for common predicable events such as textbook orders etc.


Michelle received the analysis of our NCLEX scores. Our studentsí scores in every category seemed to be around 50%.There was no category that was especially deficient.The data given us was not particularly helpful to us in determining areas for improvement.



Wendy is resuming success labs for Level 1.



Wendy suggests an alternative plan for office coverage in the future and dates that Michelle needs for leave. Wendy showed faculty the application file and checklist.


Laurie and Linda discussed a CNA course in Rapid City.



Michelle needs to revise the report, so there is further work to be done before the report can be proofed.


Laurie wants to work on wordsmithing our strategic plan.



Laurie would like an update on classroom civility issues. The Level II instructors have put the current seriously offending students on contract.

†††††††† Action


Continue to be frugal and adjust budget when needed.







Letters will be sent to past and current students explaining the reduction, asking for repayment, and reiterating the full time student requirement to be a SDS recipient.








We will each evaluate our courses for appropriate content using the NCLEX blueprint and Laurie will compile the information in one document.




We will survey student sentiments about pin, no pin or optional pin and seek input from them about precious metal composition options/costs. Darcie will continue to research costs for silver and other alternatives.





Faculty voted unanimously to set the TEAS test pass score for admission to the nursing school at 52%. A TEAS letter sent to pre-nursing students will contain information on practice dates, test coaching opportunities in Pine Ridge and Rapid City, review books, test dates and cut scores. Linda and Laurie have volunteered coaching duties.



Linda will work on an updated application form. The handbook and the updated application form will be put on the website. Faculty voted unanimously to put meeting minutes in a secure section.


Michelle will explore this further.













Faculty will let Michelle know their plans to attend or not.




Faculty will prepare for the visit by submitting questions.




Faculty will work on orientation learning objectives.



Faculty will work on keeping schedule as free as possible.




Faculty will give input for calendar.





We will continue to work on evaluating the strengths and weakness of our program by any means necessary.













Michelle will let us know her important dates for leave.Faculty wants to hold off on an alternative plan but will assist in filing application parts in the application file


Linda will look at the list of interested persons and review possible dates.


Michelle will continue to revise report and submit to faculty for review if time permits.



We will continue to tweak when time permits to be finished by due date



We will continue to work on

civility issues within ourselves and our students. Wendy will try to address this issue in success lab with Level I students.Level II instructors will continue to work with their students.

††† Person responsible


Michelle and faculty





















Laurie and faculty








Darcie and Michelle












Michelle, Laurie, and Linda














Linda and Michelle
















Michelle and faculty































Michelle and all.























Linda and Laurie