OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting

                                                                                             Date: 3/7/2014


Members Present:  Michelle Bruns, Chair, Darcie Forster, Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn, Wendy Jacobson, Linda Delong via pictel

·         Agenda

1.       Approval of minutes (Aug-Jan- please review on website)

2.       Announcements

3.       NEDDS – who is going for sure (June 4 -5)

4.       Budget review

a.       Lab fee increases for fall

5.       Suggestions for admission criteria – “technical standards”

6.       Revisions to application procedure - Linda

7.       Applications for readmission and Application Renewal forms

8.       Moving of admission deadline?

9.       Admission interviews

a.       Readmission if don’t meet TEAS criteria

10.    Admission/interview rubric for review

11.    Interview dates

12.    Student issues – repeats

13.    Reading level vs. TEAS score

14.    Faculty late nights

15.    ATI vs Kaplan – your thoughts

16.    Update from Chairs meeting

17.    Assessment

18.    Retention

Commencement: 1:45 pm



1.      Approval of minutes (Aug-Jan- please review on website)

2.      Announcements





3.      NEDDS – who is going for sure (June 4 -5)



4.      Budget review

a.       Lab fee increases for fall






5.      Suggestions for admission criteria – “technical standards”


6.      Revisions to application procedure – Linda





7.      Applications for

Readmission and Application Renewal forms.






8.      Moving of admission deadline?





9.      Admission interviews

b.      Readmission if don’t meet TEAS criteria

10.  Admission/interview rubric for review



11.  Interview dates



12.  Student issues – repeats







13.  Reading level vs. TEAS score




14.  Faculty late nights








15.  ATI vs Kaplan – your thoughts



16.  Update from Chairs meeting











17.  Assessment



18.  Retention





Adjourned 4:08 pm



Michelle asked for motion to approve Aug-Jan minutes



-Christy will be gone March 10, 11

-State Board of Nursing report is March 28; Michelle will be gone to Sioux Falls March 27, 28 to attend the meeting.




Wendy, Laurie, Michelle and Darcie have committed to attend.


Michelle states the budget is in good shape except for the assessment and testing line items. We will make a list of needs to purchase taking us through next October from the supply line item.  Lab fees have increased after Michelle studied costs for lab needs, student uniforms, totes and ATI tests giving us over 1,300 for lab items.



Michelle is exploring the need for policies regarding fine, gross motor, and psychological abilities required for admission to the nursing program.



Linda brings some concerns about discrepancies in policies on the website and asks for clarification regarding these documents.





Tracking students who are reapplying or repeating  has been an issue.

Michelle produced from Seminole State College an application for readmission form for students who must repeat courses and application renewal forms for students who are reapplying to the program.



Faculty discussed the pros and cons of moving the application deadline.  Because so much must be done to prepare student applicants for the TEAS it was decided the current deadline was best for now.



We have increased the TEAS score for admission and one of the students applying for readmission does not meet new TEAS score requirement.


Michelle created a rubric       reflecting admission criteria to evaluate students for admission.




Michelle proposed several dates for interviews. 




Wendy asked for clarification of the policy stating that students will not be eligible to return to the program after two course failures or withdrawals.  Two students of concern had non-academic withdrawals.  Was the policy intended to include students who had nonacademic withdrawals?



Michelle, on the advice of the Kaplan representative, has analyzed our TEAS reading scores and correlated these scores with NCLEX success.  Low reading scores are correlated with failure on NCLEX.



Faculty must be present with students if they are staying late. A faculty member must also be here for evening classes. Since most faculty are here about 8 am, they were disinclined to stay into the evening. Since the Pine Ridge College Center stays open we will suggest that students go there to study after hours.




Faculty discussed merits of both programs. 





-Midterm grades due week 7. 

-Dawn is considering using more e-books.  Make sure your students are using their textbooks.

-SIRS II is a paper and pencil test this year

-From John Johnson: fill in the last two columns on IEP

-Make up classes as early as possible

-WEFs need to be done by April

-The college is restructuring into major centers and feeder centers.  The feeder center will be a transportation center to the major centers and offer mainly remedial classes and few others


Sharon has started to assess her class content with the NCLEX blueprint.




Wendy has presented the Kaplan decision tree for Success Lab.  Other retention efforts have focused on ATI success.




Motion to approve unanimously passed.



Faculty and staff will plan to carry on









Make travel arrangements




Faculty will make a list of lab and office needs for the remainder of the fiscal year and submit to Michelle.











Faculty want to discuss this after gathering more information.






Michelle relates that the policies in question will be stricken because they are no longer relevant. We will continue to work on identifying discrepancies making the policies clearer and easier to understand.


 Faculty like these ideas so Michelle will work on creating our own reapplication and readmission forms.










We will keep the admission deadline January 31.









We will ask that previous students reapplying for admission who do not meet the TEAS cut score retake the test so that they may still be considered for the program.

Faculty response to the  rubric is positive and want to pilot the tool in upcoming interviews.





Faculty decided on

April 11 for nursing program interviews.



We will reexamine the policy and decide if non-academic withdrawals are to be considered when executing this policy.  Until this is clarified, the two students currently in question will be given the option to return should they fail their current courses.




Michelle conferred with Jenni Rodin on early interventions for reading success. Michelle and Jenni are going to talk to Tom Allen about a grant to improve reading.





Wendy and Michelle will alternate Mondays for Misty’s class.












We will continue with ATI for the next year and work harder to increase utilization.




Faculty will comply with directions/requests from the Chairs meeting.






















The rest of us will complete our course assessments.





Continue to apply a variety of retention strategies to bolster student success.

     Person responsible










































All and Linda










































































Michelle and Wendy