OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting

Date: 5/2/2014

Members Present: Michelle Bruns, Chair, Laura Dunn, Darcie Forester, Sharon Cordova, Wendy Jacobson, Linda Delong by pictel



1. Approve minutes

2. Applicant letter of appeal

3.  Nursing student handbook revisions for next year time to begin

4.   Schedule a time week of May 12th to do SEP and finish Nursing Student Handbook

5   Assessment

6. Retention

7. IEP

8. ACEN Self Study forum, Orlando, Florida

9. Student Issues




Commencement: 1:15 pm




1.      Approve minutes


2.      Applicant letter of appeal









3.       Nursing student handbook revisions for next year



4.      Schedule a time week of May 12th to do SEP and finish Nursing Student Handbook


5.       Assessment



6.      Retention


7.      IEP


8.      ACEN Self Study forum, Orlando, Florida next fall.


9.      Student issues



Adjourned 2pm







An applicant did not keep interview or TEAS appointments and then failed the TEAS when the test was rescheduled. The student revealed that she did not get the letter with the test dates and instructions. Michelle is asking faculty advice on how to proceed. Miscommunication on our part was a factor. Faculty recommends speaking with the student about her personal issues and how it may affect success in the nursing program. The student will take the TEAS after taking the required 2 practice tests.




Michelle has concerns about offering transfer students credit for nursing courses that may be outdated. She suggests a policy to limit acceptance of nursing credits to courses that are less than 2 years old.



Faculty agreed to meet May 12 9am.






Instructors will be administering terminal standardized assessments for every course. Graduate surveys were dispersed.



Retention efforts continue. Most students have been retained or will graduate.



Be prepared to finish IEP May 12.



Michelle is asking for one faculty member to accompany her to the ACEN forum.



Some students have not yet met or failed to meet the requirements for the Level 2 courses.



Linda motioned, Darcie seconded and previous minutes were unanimously approved.












Administer TEAS and counsel student.








Faculty suggests that Michelle put the issue in writing and sketch out a policy for faculty to consider at the next meeting.













Administer assessments















Faculty will check their schedules to determine availability.



Student failing to meet requirements will be counseled by Level 2 faculty and Michelle. Students missing assignments will be advised that they must meet the deadlines for submission or they risk not graduating.

















Michelle and faculty









Michelle and faculty