OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting:

                                                                                              Date: 8/12/2014


Members Present: Michelle Bruns, Chair, Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn, Darcie Forster, Wendy Jacobson


  1.  Approval of May minutes
  2. Jenny Risse Recruitment Day both classes
  3. 2 Scholarships for Native American Level 11 students
  4. Handout on Board results
  5. Liability insurance students pay fees
  6. Curriculum map/mastery level courses
  7.  Systematic Evaluation of Program (SEP)
  8. Orientation day agenda/objectives/evaluation tool



Commencement: 9:15



  1. Approve May minutes


  1. Recruitment Day/Jenny





  1. Scholarships





  1.  Board results analysis








  1. Liability Insurance











  1. Curriculum map/mastery level



  1. SEP/




  1.  Orientation agenda: objectives/evaluation


















Adjourned 10:00 am



Minutes not available


Monday or Tuesday in Sept or October, during noon hour is best; suggest pizza


Theosophical society and Linda Franzman each awarding $1000.00/yr; two students suggested.



Handout given showing 3 consecutive years of board results.  There were no discernable patterns noted or outstanding weaknesses identified.



We are currently paying the 13.00 fee/student liability insurance.  Should we continue to pay this or charge the students? This includes CNA students also. Faculty sediments lean towards continuing to pay this fee if possible.



Discussed need to review/map curriculum.



Unable to do program evaluation today due to time constraints


We will write our own level specific objectives and likert scales for evaluation.

Orientation topics: Lakota style welcome: Charlie White Buffalo, Check off of admission criteria, introductions, mailboxes, lockers, drug testing, student org, name badges, uniforms, backpack, pocket nurse supplies, scholarships, success labs, library cards, OLC e-mail, textbooks, Prep-U, graduate applications, Student Handbook: Drug policy, clinical conduct, grievance, attendance, dress codes, failure of 2 nursing classes policy.








Inform Jenny of best times to visit with students about Bennett County Hospital.


Recommend the two identified students for the scholarship.





Refer to the analysis on an ongoing basis for usable data.







Pay the student liability this year and continue to evaluate each year.









Table for now; need more time




Tabled until next week




Michelle will put together agenda. We will develop objectives, handouts, and evaluation.

     Person responsible