OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting

                                                                                             Date: 10/3/2014


Members Present:  Michelle Bruns, Chair, Darcie Forster, Sharon Cordova, Laurie Dunn

·         Agenda

1.       Approval of minutes (May2, May 12, Aug 12, and Aug 18)

2.       Employer Evaluation Revisions

3.       Capstone syllabus and RN Predictor

4.       Classroom observations

5.       Mountain Measures

6.       Assessment

7.       Rentention




1.      Approval of minutes




 Darcie would like her last name corrected.  Sharon moved to approve all four sets of minutes with name corrections.  Laurie 2nd motion.  All in favor.



Minutes approved unanimously.






     Person responsible



2. Employer evaluation revisons

Michelle is currently working on revising the Employer Satisfaction survey to align with the terminal outcomes.  This will be more in favor with the ACEN guidelines for accreditation

Should be completed for review by the end of the month.


3. Capstone syllabus and RN predictor

Discussion held regarding tying the predictor to the N324 course.  Benefits include putting more “teeth” in the predictor.  Biggest drawback and reason for not doing it – anyone not passing the predictor would be held back from graduation until Virtual ATI is completed, which takes 30-60 days to complete and cannot be started until they are done with classes

No action at this time – predictor will remain a “stand-alone” item.


4. Classroom observations will begin

Michelle will need to begin doing classroom observations of faculty for the year.

If you have a day preference please let her know.

Michelle and All

5. Mountain Measures (NCLEX Results)

Discussion held regarding whether or not we should continue to pay the $300 for NCLEX test result breakdown.

We will pay this for another year.


6. Assessment

Discussion held regarding what courses we should be assessing for this semester.

All faculty should be saving artifacts for assessment this semester until determined.


7. Retention

Discussion held regarding all things done to assist with student retention which include SDS funding, and some faculty available via text message 24/7 just to name a few

To be included on BOT report