OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting:

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 12/8/2014


Members Present:Michelle Bruns, Chair, Wendy Jacobson, Sharon Cordova, Darcie Forster, Laurie Dunn


Meeting commenced1:30pm


  1. Approval of meeting minutes
  2. Hurst review-video conference-Bradley Creel
  3. LaCrosse Wisconsin

Viterbo University simulation offer

  1. Assessment N 218
  2. ATI Pulse
  3. Teas admission criteria
  4. Budget
  5. Retention







  1. Approval of October minutes



  1. Hurst Review








  1. Viterbo University offer












  1. Assessment 218








  1. ATI Pulse










  1. Teas admission criteria









  1. Budget




  1. Retention


Adjourned: 2:25pm






Motion by Darcie, seconded by Wendy, all approved.


A representative from Hurst suggests using the video instead of the live review. Pros are $100.00 per student cost reduction. Cons include missing the interaction with other students.


Viterbo proposes having our students come for exposure and experiences in their sims labs and other clinical experiences. Michelle has discussed this with President Shortbull and he has concerns about the financial responsibility for this experience. ††Michelle relates that Viterbo is looking into scholarships.



Thursday we will assess Nursing 218.Dawn then wants us to assess the process and write down issues encountered so that we can improve the process.



ATI has a new program to assess each individualís progress, strengths and weakness and predict NCLEX success.The cost would be pro-rated.Do we want to consider this for our students?




Studies have shown the reading scores are correlated with NCLEX success.Is there a reading benchmark for Teas that should be set?Michelle has research to show that a cut reading score of 70% is correlated for passing NCLEX


Michelle met with VP for business and discussed budget needs for the department.


One student from each level failed to progress.

Minutes approved



Faculty agrees to bring this issue to the level 2 students for discussion.






We will wait to hear from Viterbo regarding costs and scholarships and then discuss this further from there.










Fundamentals will be assessed for outcomes and recommendations will be made.





Faculty will look at the ATI site and consider this further.









Motion by Laurie, seconded by Darcie and all approved to change Teas reading cut score to 70%






Continue to assess for financial needs.



Continue to monitor student progression and retention.

Faculty and Chair



Level 2 instructors








Chair and faculty













Chair and faculty








Chair and faculty










Chair and faculty









Chair and faculty




Chair and faculty