OLC Nursing Department

Faculty Meeting:

Date: 2/6/2015


Members present: Amy Hindman, Chair, Laurie Dunn, Michelle Bruns, Darcie Forster, Wendy Jacobson, Gloria Eastman, Allied Health


   Old Business

1. Approval of Minutes:

2.  SimPad and Nursing Anne Rep Visit

3.  Assessment: Rubics

4.  Retention issues and interventions


 New Business

  5.  ATI Pulse ($35 per student): Michelle

  6.   Current applicant-lost immunization records

  7.  Old Journals in Library

  8. Med com

  9. TEAS dates

 10. Interview dates

 11. ACEN site visit dates

 12. Faculty evaluations and contract recommendations,

 13. Budget


Meeting Commenced: 2pm









Old Business


  1. Approval of January  minutes





  1. SimPad:













  1. Assessment: Rubrics









  1. Retention issues and interventions

















New Business


  1. ATI pulse











  1. Current applicants:

          Lost immunization    

          records/lack of   









  1. Old Journals







  1. Med com videos






  1. TEAS dates









  1. Interview dates






  1. Scheduling ACEN Site Visit





  1. Faculty evaluation and contract recommendations





     13 Budget





Adjourned:  3pm




January minutes were in error as to which minutes were previously approved.




Laurie and Gloria update on SimPad status.  Ordered Virtual  sims, Annie Mannequins, and 3 simpads for Allied Health.  Nursing will inherit the equipment after the Allied Health grant ends. Several people will participate in training at a future date





 Amy asks that we gather up our rubrics and give them to Amy for display on the website per Dawn’s request.






Many students are struggling with academics, class and clinical schedules due to the need for outside employment. We have had to make several

allowances in schedules, exams, and clinical as students try to find solutions to their financial issues.


Michelle will be starting success labs soon for Level one and two focusing on academic and test taking skills particularity for the NCLEX exam.




ATI pulse is diagnostic of weak areas identified on proctored tests. The cost is $35.00 per student. Question posed is: do we want to purchase this for the students?  Faculty feel that the Pass Point service offered with the text book is sufficient at this time.




One applicant has not been immunized and another has been told her records are lost.  Since immunizations are required by clinical sites and when one choses a health care profession, we must require immunizations.



There are old journals in the library but if we empty out all but last five years shelves will be empty.  Pros and cons of keeping old journals discussed.




Amy will give us the codes so we can begin to utilize this service




The TEAS test will be administered Thurs and Friday April 9th ad 10th at the Nursing building and April 10th  at  He sapa





We need two interview dates for new applicants/admission process




Faculty discussed possible dates for ACEN visit.





Evaluations and contract recommendations are due in the Spring.  Amy wants to meet with each of us to review our evaluation.



We are currently on budget and have money in all accounts




There was unanimous approval of January minutes with corrections discussed.




Set up training sessions with representative.












Faculty will give Amy the rubrics as soon as possible for upload to the website.







We will continue to be supportive, patient and flexible as much as possible and on a case by case basis. We will disburse financial aid as soon as possible.





Set up success lab times.









We will hold off purchasing ATI pulse at this time as there are multiple other options for review and remediation within ATI itself and Pass Point.








Advise applicants that repeating immunizations causes no harm and that the minimum immunizations required on admission will be TDaP, MMR, Influenza, Hepatitis B, and PPD.




We will keep all journals for now, and reconsider again at a future time.






Faculty are anxious to start using this service to supplement class material.




Tests will be proctored by Linda Delong, Laurie/ Michelle.








Faculty agree on April 16 and 17. We will start to set up appointments for those times.




Faculty agree to set tentative date for site visit for November 16, 2015. We will confirm this date with ACEN.



We will make appointments with Amy for evaluations.
















Laurie and Gloria













Amy and Faculty









Amy and Faculty



















Amy and Faculty