Feb 4, 2013   12:00-12:30

*Kailee Kearn, Casey Sharp, Kristin Weston, Pranu Pradhan, Jessica Whirlwind Solider, Leila Belile, Cassie Callies, Faye Hernandez, Debra LePlante, and Natsha Ferguson are present

*We decided who will bring what ingredients for the breakfast burritos:

     -Sausage/bacon= Pranu

     -Tortilla shells= Michelle/Kailee

     -Eggs- Cassie

     -Cheese and tin foil= Casey

     -Hashbrowns= Kristin

     -Salsa= Faye

We have a goal of selling 100 burritos(1veggie burrito).

*We plan on going to HIS, Red Cloud School, Rural Water and the Tribal Building to sell the burritos.

*We decided to also do a Valentine’s basket, it will be $2 per ticket/$10 for 6 tickets. The goal is for each student to have two books of tickets and for each person to sell as many as possible. Date for the drawing will be the 12th.

*Basket contents: Casey will look into getting a free dinner for two, Leila and Faye will bring candy, Cassie and Pranu will each bring a DVD, Kristin will get a candle, Deb and Kailee will bring chocolate, Casey will get flowers, and Natasha will get the basket with plastic to cover it.