Feb 26, 201312:00-12:30

*Kailee Kearn, Casey Sharp, Kristin Weston, Pranu Pradhan, Jessica Whirlwind Solider, Leila Belile, Cassie Callies, Faye Hernandez, Debra LePlante, and Natsha Ferguson are present

*We found out that due to a money shortage we would each have to pay for either our nursing pins or the Hurst review out of our own pockets.

*The pins cost $300 each so it would be a total of $3,000 for the 10 students. We need to be able to pay for half of it.

*We decided to have another burrito sale on Feb 12th.

*It got decided that our pictures will be taken in April sometime and we discussed the possibility of moving the time of our pinning ceremony to about 3PM and we will decorate a few hours before hand.

*We went over some of the details for the pinning ceremony: we decided to do black table clothes for all of the tables so itís more universal. For the meal we decided to have roasted chicken, possibly roast beef, backed potatoes, salads, etc.

*We need to find someone to bless our pins at the ceremony, and we need to think of/decide on a speaker for the ceremony as well.

**Next meeting on March 4th**