March 25, 2013†† 11:55-12:05

*Kailee Kearn, Casey Sharp, Kristin Weston, Pranu Pradhan, Jessica Whirlwind Solider, Leila Belile, Cassie Callies, Faye Hernandez, Debra LePlante, and Natsha Ferguson are present

*Joan let us know that she may have found a way to pay for both our pins and our review so that we donít have to earn he extra money

*The probable location for our Hurst review is one in Scottsbluff. It will be three days long, and we will stay in dorms that the hospital provides

*A proposition was placed that we do no more fundraising for the semester. We have about $9,000 in the account, so student org would pay for boards and a motel room for the night before, the stuff needed for graduation, and then for either half of the Hurst review or our pins if need be. Other costs we would have to pay for on our own.

*All students agreed on this proposed motion.