April 24, 2013   11:40-12:10

*Kailee Kearn, Casey Sharp, Kristin Weston, Pranu Pradhan, Jessica Whirlwind Solider, Leila Belile, Cassie Callies, Faye Hernandez, and Debra LePlante are present 

*Rooms were reserved at the Country Inn and Suites for the cost $64 per room per night for the Hurst review.

*Student org will be paying for the meat (roasted chicken and roast beef) for the pinning ceremony. We need to have a tally of the number of people that will be attending the ceremony by next monday. The students will need to show up a few hours early the day of the ceremony to decorate all of the tables.

*The student body decided to ask Joan Nelson to be the guest speaker for the pinning ceremony. Carol Iron Robe was asked and agreed to come and bless the pins for our class at the ceremony.

*It will cost approximately $4000 to pay for the NCLEX exam which leaves about $3000 to pay for the food, decorations, gifts, etc needed for the ceremony.

*As a class we will get decorations for the pinning ceremony while we are in Rapid for the Hurst review. We will also buy gifts for the five instructors, Joan, Carol, Kristy and Linda at that time.

*Sam Pradhan will put together a slide show to show at the ceremony. The class wants to do a Harlem shake video to start out the slide show which we will record on May 10th after ACLS, the song “Grab somebody sexy tell “em “Hey!”” is also requested to be put in the video.

*Cassie told the class that they need to bring some sort of decorative accessory to put our plumes on for May 10th. She will bring the plumes, and the leather and we will put them together after ACLS.