Student Organization Minutes

            [Date]                       9-10-13              [Time]                           12:37                                                

Meeting Called by:  President David

Type of Meeting:  Organizational

Time Keeper: Secretary Abby

List of Attendees:  Nina, Janelle, Jeff, David, Ashley, Trina, Abby, Bri


Old Business: 

Agenda Topics

[Topic]    Nursing Pins                                        [Presenter]                                                   


  [Discussion]   What types of pins are available? Can we get them for a cheaper price?               


[Conclusion]    Darcie will check with Michelle and report back at next meeting.                        


[Topic]   Left over money from last year         [Presenter]  Janelle                                      


  [Discussion]   Last year’s class asked to be given $900 to purchase jackets                                   


[Conclusion]    Janelle moved to give the $900 leaving $1000 left in account

                        Nina seconded

                        Approved by vote                                                                                                     


[Topic]    Access to account                               [Presenter]  Ashley


[Discussion]     How do we get access to the funds in the account?                                                  

[Conclusion]    Ashley will check with Michelle and report back at next meeting.