Student Organization Minutes

[Date] 9-17-13 [Time] 12:35

Meeting Called by: David

Type of Meeting: Organizational

Time Keeper: Abby

List of Attendees: Nina, Janelle, Jeff, David, Ashley, Amy, Una, Stevie, Abby

Old Business: Class account treasurer aware of how to access

- will be getting $6,000 from OLC

Pins- report back next meeting


Agenda Topics

[Topic] Fundraiser [Presenter] David

Selling breakfast burritos when, where, how much?

[Discussion] Pay for own supplies until get access to account?

[Conclusion] Sell burritos 9-24-13 at 7:30. Meet at dorms at 7:00



Date of Next Meeting: 9-24-13

Move to Adjourn by: Abby

Seconded by: Jeff

Meeting Adjourned at: 13:07