Student Organization Minutes

            [Date]   9-24-13                                  [Time]     12:37                                  

Meeting Called by:    David

Type of Meeting:       Organizational

Time Keeper: Abby

List of Attendees:  Entire class present                    


Old Business:  Decided yesterday in class to postpone burrito sale.

Agenda Topics

[Topic]    50/50 raffle                                                  [Presenter]   Abby                                        


[Discussion]     When drawing? What kind of tickets? Price? Minimum number of tickets each class member should sell?


[Conclusion]    Drawing will be December 2nd. Sell for $1.00 each or 6 tickets for $5.00. Nina will talk to Christy about printing out tickets.





 Date of Next Meeting:         10-22-13

         Move to Adjourn:         Abby

                 Seconded by:        Bri

Meeting Adjourned at:         12:45