Student Organization Minutes

            [Date]  10-22-13                                 [Time]  12:54                                     

Meeting Called by:    Ashley

Type of Meeting:       Fundraiser

Time Keeper: Abby

List of Attendees:   All in attendance                       

Old Business:  Bake sale at the Rancher Round Up in Rushville brought in $480.00.


Agenda Topics

        [Topic]    Fundraiser                                            [Presenter]  Nicole                                       


  [Discussion]   Nicole stated that she is planning on having a fundraising lunch sale in Rapid City                                             

[Conclusion]    Nicole going to have sale and report back on expenses and profit made.   


         [Topic]    50/50 fundraiser                                 [Presenter]  Bri                                            


  [Discussion]   Raise minimum amount tickets everyone must sell             


[Conclusion]    Minimum raised from 60 tickets to 100 tickets per person 


           [Topic]    Fundraiser                                          [Presenter]  David                                        


  [Discussion]   Indian Taco and bake sale next Friday 11-1-13 to be done by those who were unable to help at the Rancher Round Up     


[Conclusion]    Sale will be held and earnings will be reported to Ashley                

Date of Next Meeting:          11/5/13

Move to Adjourn:      Abby

Seconded by:                 Bri

Meeting Adjourned at:      13:06