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By Michelle Bruns, MSN, RN Faculty
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[pdf] Directed Study Checklist.pdf256.4 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] letter to preceptors.pdf106.8 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] Preceptor Credentials.pdf192.5 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] Preceptor Evaluation of experience.pdf310.8 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] Preceptor Evaluation of Student.pdf216.7 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] Preceptor Responsibilities.pdf136.2 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] Preceptor Tips.pdf318.9 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] RN license verification form.pdf290.9 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] Student evaluation of site, preceptor and experience.pdf307.2 KB2016-Aug-31 
[pdf] student profile.pdf224.0 KB2016-Aug-31 
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