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By Michelle Bruns, MSN, RN Faculty
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[dir] syllabi [10 Files]3.6 MB2015-Feb-05 
[dir] assessment [13 Files]2.5 MB2015-Feb-05 
[dir] degree_offerings [9 Files]1.1 MB2015-Feb-05 
[dir] Nursing Faculty Minutes [17 Files]1.0 MB2015-Feb-09 
[dir] Nursing Student Org Minutes [22 Files]692.8 KB2014-Mar-10 
[pdf] 2013-2014 Student Handbook.pdf521.8 KB2014-Apr-09 
[pdf] 2014-2015 Student Handbook.pdf508.7 KB2014-Sep-10 
[dir] department_overview [1 File]314.5 KB2015-Feb-19 
[pdf] 3. Reference form.pdf266.7 KB2009-May-11Nursing applicants - Reference form for application - print 3
[dir] faculty_and_non-faculty_orientation_power_point [1 File]239.8 KB2014-Oct-14 
[pdf] 2. Nursing application revised.pdf109.7 KB2012-Jan-17Nursing applicants - download and complete this application
[pdf] 1. Application Procedure -10-17-13.pdf84.7 KB2013-Oct-17 
[pdf] 4. Physical exam form.pdf60.5 KB2009-May-11Students accepted into the Nursing program - download this Physical Examination form and have completed before beginning nursing program courses
[pdf] 5. IMMUNIZATION RECORD 2008.pdf47.8 KB2009-May-11Students accepted into the Nursing program - download this Immunization Record Form - please have filled out and receive required immunizations prior to beginning nursing program courses
[pdf] NURSING DEPARTMENT Vision misssion statements.pdf7.3 KB2014-Oct-03 
[dir] webgallery [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Jan-03 
[dir] department_handbook [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-16 
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