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By Ted Hamilton, Institutional Assessment and Research Director
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[dir] MeetingMinutes [12 Files]1.4 MB2019-Nov-14 
[pdf] 2015-2016_october fina AROLCC for SPC nov 21 2016.pdf2.8 MB2017-Mar-30 
[pdf] OLC_StrategicPlan_12-17_Revision12-14.pdf561.1 KB2019-Nov-14 
[pdf] OLC_StrategicPlan_12-17_Revision15-16.pdf97.0 KB2019-Nov-14 
[pdf] OLC_StrategicPlan_12-17_Revision16-17.pdf554.7 KB2019-Nov-14 
[pdf] OLC_StrategicPlan_12-17_Revision17-18.pdf50.5 KB2019-Nov-14 
[pdf] OLC_StrategicPlan_19-27.pdf356.7 KB2019-Nov-15 
[docx] StrategicPlan_19-27.docx43.1 KB2020-Feb-05 
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