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By Faith Richards, Personnel Director
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[doc] 62-120.doc42.5 KB2019-Oct-11Substance Abuse Policy
[doc] Annual Evaluation Form.doc33.5 KB2009-Apr-14 
[doc] Application-Head Start.doc55.0 KB2016-Mar-10HS/EHS Doc
[doc] Application-Oglala Lakota College.doc55.0 KB2014-Nov-19 
[pdf] Application for Adjunct.pdf521.0 KB2018-Aug-27 
[pdf] Application for Student Intern.pdf214.0 KB2014-Oct-20 
[doc] Application Part Time Employee.doc25.5 KB2012-Jan-06 
[doc] Application Supplement for Head Start (REQUIRED).doc30.0 KB2008-Jan-02HS/EHS Doc
[docx] Authorization for Release of Infomation.docx14.6 KB2019-Feb-25HS/EHS Doc- Tribal Background
[pdf] CDL Physical Form.pdf414.3 KB2009-Nov-18HS/EHS Doc-Bus Driver
[doc] Confidentiality Agreement.doc23.0 KB2009-Apr-14HS/EHS Doc
[pdf] CPM Dental and Vision Change in Status Form.pdf324.5 KB2018-Jan-12 
[pdf] CPM Dental and Vision Enrollment Form 2018.pdf309.4 KB2018-Jan-12 
[pdf] Dearborn National Life Insurance.pdf728.0 KB2014-Mar-05 
[pdf] DSS FORM CP-593 01-170001.pdf437.4 KB2018-Mar-21HS/EHS Doc- SD Permission to Screen for Reports of Abuse or Neglect
[docx] Employee Check-Out Process Form.docx18.0 KB2014-Jan-23 
[doc] Extra Duty Contract.doc24.5 KB2014-Dec-02 
[doc] Faculty Acknowledgement of Responsibility Form.doc71.5 KB2012-Dec-04 
[pdf] HS_EHS Code of Conduct.pdf307.2 KB2016-Jan-27HS/EHS Doc
[pdf] i9_2020.pdf246.8 KB2020-Apr-01 
[pdf] Oglala Lakota College Retirement Contribution.pdf401.0 KB2020-Apr-01TIAA Retirement Contribution Match Form
[pdf] Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form.pdf7.1 KB2012-Sep-25 
[doc] Physician Physical Form.doc36.0 KB2009-Dec-14HS/EHS Doc
[doc] TUITION WAIVER FORM.doc26.0 KB2009-Jun-10 
[pdf] w4_2020.pdf174.4 KB2020-Jan-02W4 form for 2020
[pdf] Wellmark Application.pdf124.4 KB2011-Aug-31 
[pdf] Work Expectation Form.pdf710.7 KB2016-Feb-03 
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