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     Policies and Procedures Manual
     Last Update: December 23, 2005


     Policy and Procedure Manual - Disclaimer Every care has been taken to keep the electronic version
                                   of the Policy and Procedure Manual current and updated on a continuous
                                   basis. In case of disagreements, the Oglala Lakota College Board of
                                   Trustees is the final authority on policy. All revisions and additions
                                   to policy are noted in the Board of Trustees Minutes, which can be
                                   consulted in the President's Office.
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[DIR]Section_30-39/ 12-Oct-2017 14:26 - Administration
[DIR]Section_40-49/ 15-Apr-2019 15:17 - Fiscal Services
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[DIR]Section_70-79/ 01-Feb-2021 09:59 - Instructional Services
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