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                                                                                                   12-007 02/24/82

                                       VACANCIES OF BOARD MEMBERS (POLICY)

     The Council shall fill any vacancy created by the death, resignation or removal for cause of an elected
     member by its election of a new member who shall serve the balance of the un-expired term.

     REFERENCE;  OSCC Charter, Article VI as cited above

     APPROVED:  8/27/85

     Any vacancy in the Board of Trustees, either arising from death, resignation, removal with cause, an
     increase in the number of Trustees, or any other cause, shall be filled by a vote of the Tribal Council of
     the Oglala Sioux Tribe at the next regular meeting thereof or at a special meeting thereof.  When a vacancy
     occurs in the district, the Tribal Council will fill the vacancy with the individual who is elected by that
     district in which the vacancy occurred.  Each Trustee so elected shall hold office until his successor shall
     have been elected and qualified.  The appointing authority shall fill a vacancy of an appointed Trustee, and
     the Student Senate shall fill the vacancy of the Student Senate representative on the Board of Trustees.

     REFERENCE:  OSCC By-Laws, Article II, Paragraph 13 and amended by OST Ordinance 02-14, July 24, 2002

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