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                                                                                                   23-004 02/24/82

                                           CODIFICATION SYSTEM (POLICY)

     1.  The Policy and Procedure Manual is to have features that are consistent with the growing needs of the
         Oglala Lakota College. As a minimum, it should contain a system that is expandable, easily updated and
         that imposes a minimum of burden of the administration and faculty of the college. It is desirable that
         the system has the flexibility to encourage development in all areas where policy emanation is required.

     2.  Codification represents a process by which the administration implements policy within the Oglala Lakota
         College. It also allows staff to submit policy proposals, through the President, to the Board of Trustees
         for review and action. The system will accommodate the nine major categories of the manual, the
         sub-categories in each grouping. Policy and Procedure items is distingu8ishing by color-coding to
         discern policy, procedures and implementation forms where applicable. Graphically, the coding system is
         as follows:

     Major Classification-

         10 - Organization (of the college)

         20 - Board Operations

         30 - Administration

         40 - Fiscal Services

         50 - Business/Facilities Services

         60 - Personnel

         70 - Instructional Services

         80 - Students

         90 - Community and Organization Relations

     Sub-coding of these classification is broken down into subject areas within the major classifications
     (i.e. 33-000 Administrative Personnel) The 5-digit policy number is distinguished from Procedures by adding
     an additional "-1" to it and an additional " - 2" for exhibits.

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