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                                                                                                   23-005 08/24/89
                                                                                                   23-005 02/24/82

                                           POLICY FORMULATION (POLICY)

     1.  Policy shall be a prerogative of he Board of Trustees, except insofar as specific areas of policy making
         may be delegated to local boards.

     2.  Official policy of the college may be found in Board minutes and in handbooks, manuals, organizational
         charts, job positions, contracts, agreements and other documents which have received Board of Trustee

     3.  The office of the President shall have the responsibility of policy implementation and enforcement.  All
         official policies of the Oglala Lakota College shall be maintained in a master file designated by the

     4.  Policy will be periodically reviewed and updated upon recommendation of the President.  This is to ensure
         that OLC policy is current and applicable to the growing state of the institution.

     5.  Policy can emanate from within the college through the Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye structure.  (See 34-002)

     6.  All policies and revisions to policies shall be brought to the Policy committee of the Board.  After
         consideration the Committee shall recommend any policy to the Board of Trustees for action.

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