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                                                                                                 23-008-1 02/24/89

                                         POLICY DISSEMINATION (PROCEDURE)

     1.  The secretary of Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye will provide the president's Office and the Chairperson of Piya
         Wiconi Okolakiciye with copies of all charges passed on to the standing committees one week after each
         Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye meeting.

     2.  A Master file will be maintained by the President. It shall be a reflection of existing policy and
         procedure items in the manual.

         a.  Standing Policies. The Master File will contain all current policy and procedure items in force at
             any given time. Any additions, revisions or modifications are to be entered according to the code.

         b.  Vacant Code Number. Vacant Code Numbers are those that are not in use, and reserved within the
             manual. The Master File will permit an on-going log of assigned code numbers so as to avoid dual

         c.  Proposed Policies and Procedures.  Code Numbers are not to be assigned until a proposal clears all
             required channels for approval. The Master File is to include all pending policy and procedure items.

     3.  A routing slip will accompany all charges, recording each step through the policy approval process.

     4.  Upon Board approval, the President's secretary will disseminate copies of all approved policies and
         procedures to the following: Chairperson, Board of Trustees; Chairperson, Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye;
         President's Master File; all holders of Policy Manuals; Oglala Lakota College Archives and the editor of
         the Tabloka Oko Wanji. This will be done one week after Board approval.

     Description of Copies.

     1.  President's Master File. See above number 2.

     2.  Board Chairperson's copy. The Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Chairperson shall be responsible for maintaining a
         current copy of the manual for his reference and for the enlightment of Board of Trustees members.

     3.  Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Chairperson. The Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Chairperson shall be responsible for
         maintaining a current copy of the manual for his/her use as well as other members of the Okolakiciye.

     4.  Archives Copy. The Archivist will maintain a current copy of the manual. In September of each year, the
         archivist will supervise the production of a micro-fiche copy of the manual. Any staff member who needs
         a micro-fiche copy for personal use may request one from the Archives.

     Recording Changes.

     Each administrative component listed above is responsible for maintaining the respect manual category. Any
     changes are to be duly recorded when a change occurs. This is to be accomplished in the following ways:

     1.  Each item has a section at the end of the copy to show if a cross-reference identification data has been
         used. At the top of each page are boxes, which contain the code number and date of issue. When a policy
         or procedure is revised the old item is to be listed in the lower set of boxes along with the old issue

     2.  An "update sheet" is to precede each component of the Policy and Procedure manual. An example of this
         form appears as an exhibit (see Exhibit 23-008). All information regarding revisions, changes and
         modifications should appear on this sheet.

     3.  The President's Master File will also maintain the update sheet for all manual components. Periodic
         reviews should be scheduled to ensure all updates conform with the most recent policy and procedure

     4.  Replaced policy and procedure items should be discarded. One copy of the discarded item should be placed
         in the President's Master File for future reference.

     Issued: 10/1/78

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