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                                   ADMINISTRATION GOALS AND OBJECTIVES (POLICY)

     The Board of Trustees shall determine the policies to guide the decision making process governing all
     activities of OLC. In setting these policies, the Board will seek the advice and assistance of the faculty,
     administration, and other relevant persons through the President.

     Each employee and student is responsible for following the approved policies. The administration is charged
     with the responsibility of organizing the staff for effective administration of the college and for
     preparing in detail, where applicable, the procedures for implementing the approved policies. If a situation
     demanding a decision is not covered by an existing policy or by procedures, the President is empowered to
     make the decision he deems best, reporting such decision to the Board at the next regular meeting.

     The President is responsible to the Board for the administration of the college under applicable laws and
     the policies of the Board. He shall select his staff and recommend them to the Board for appointment.  He
     shall make, or designate the appropriate administrator to make, the necessary administrative decisions.

     It shall be the intent of the board to make available a sufficient number of qualified persons to administer
     the college efficiently and to require the President to organize it to ensure clear understanding of the
     functions of each person and the relationship between and among them; to establish the necessary councils,
     cabinets, and committees to provide for efficient operation of the college. To engage in this process in an
     orderly fashion, each group shall be given particular responsibilities, and channels shall be established
     so that the recommendations or decisions of each group can be heard and reviewed by the President and, where
     appropriate, by the Board.

     It shall be the policy in the organization and administration of the college to balance responsibility with
     commensurate authority subject to the reserved and legal powers of the Board. Therefore, a member of the
     administrative staff when assigned a responsibility or a position shall be given the authority to make the
     decisions necessary to perform the tasks. In order that the college may operate effectively with good morale
     and participation of their personnel, the following principles are considered by the Board to be fundamental:

     1.  The institution shall establish an effective system for recruitment of qualified personnel for each

     2.  Each administrator shall be responsible and accountable for making and following a plan of development
         for all staff assigned to his/her area of operation;

     3.  The administration shall devise an orderly plan whereby the suggestions or criticisms of the operation
         of the college shall be heard and receive considerations;

     4.  The structure, policies and procedures of the college shall be evaluated and critically reviewed at
         regular intervals, and the President shall be responsible for devising a plan to make this possible;

     5.  The administration shall be responsible and accountable for establishing and operating a system of
         communication by which each member of the administration and faculty can be kept informed of the
         proposals and problems of the faculty and administrative staff; and

     6.  The President, vice-presidents and related administrative officers shall be responsible and accountable
         for keeping the teaching staff dynamic and experimental in their course offerings, and for balancing
         the program to keep it in harmony with the College's objectives and changing conditions and free from
         domination of vested interests.

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