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                                   ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL POSITIONS (POLICY)

     All administrative supervisory positions in the college system are established initially by the Board.

     It is the intent of the Board to activate a sufficient number of such positions to promote the attainment
     of the college's goals.

     In each case, the Board will approve the broad purpose and function of the positions in harmony with Board's
     goals and federal regulations and to delegate to the President the task of writing, or causing to be written,
     a job description for the position.

     The Board wishes the President to maintain a comprehensive, coordinated set of job descriptions for all such
     positions so as to promote efficiency and economy in the staff's operations.

     Administrative positions at Oglala Lakota College consist of the President, the Vice President for
     Instruction, and the Vice President for the Business Office. The Human Resources Director maintains all job
     descriptions including those for administrators.

     The President shall have the power to act in situations where emergency action must be taken within the
     college system and where the Board has provided no guides for administrative action.  It shall be the duty of
     the President to inform the Board promptly of such action and the need for policy.

     The Board encourages the President to seek its counsel with respect to needed decisions based upon policy
     when the subject is controversial or emotion laden. Whenever the President must take action in such sensitive
     matters before consulting the Board, he is invited to discuss with the Board chairman, and as many members as
     possible, the basis for his decision.

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