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                                                              BOT 12-18-2010, 1-27-2011
                             EMPLOYEE CLASSIFICATION (POLICY)
Oglala Lakota College maintains three employee classifications in its personnel program. 
These classifications are known as contract employees, non-contract hourly employees 
and interns.

Interns are students working in their area of study for pay do not qualify for benefits.  
They cannot work more than 20 hours per week.
Administrative personnel including the President and Vice-President shall be contracted 
for one to five years.
Other personnel will be offered a one-year contract for their first year of employment but 
may, thereafter, be offered a contract of one to five years at the Board of Trustees 
discretion. To assure continuity and stability, the Trustees will attempt to offer two or 
three year contracts unless circumstances warrant otherwise.

Non-contract hourly employees include employees who will be employed for less than 40 
hours up to 40 hours per week.  These employees can receive less than one year 
appointments up to one year appointments on an annual basis.  The President is 
authorized to make the appointment of the non-contract hourly employees, and can make 
successive appointment of less than one year.  Non-contract hourly employees are 
eligible for pay up to the number of hours they are retained on a weekly basis for the 
holidays established by the Board of Trustees and OLC policy. Non-contract hourly 
employees who are employed for OLC construction projects will be paid the OST Tero 
rate based on their job skills. With the exception of non-contract hourly employees who 
are hired for OLC’s construction project, the hourly pay for non-contract hourly 
employees is $9.50 per hour in their first year of employment.  After their first year of 
employment, the hourly pay is $11.00 per hour with annual cost of living increases. Non-
contract hourly employees will only be eligible for legally required fringe benefits, i.e. 
social security. 

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