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                                         QUALIFICATION STANDARDS (POLICY)

     1.  All permanent or temporary positions shall be supported by written description of the duties to be
         performed.  The job sheet shall include the following:

         a.  Position title; duration and type;
         b.  Rates of pay;
         c.  Designation of the supervisory position;
         d.  Position to be supervised, if any;
         e.  Description of duties; and
         f.  Date and certification of approval by the President.

     The President, appropriate vice-president, and appropriate program supervisor shall be responsible for
     establishing written qualification standards for each Oglala Lakota College position or class of positions.
     In addition to education, experience, health and other qualifications, qualified members of the Oglala Sioux
     Tribe shall be given preference for appointment.  Only when no Oglala Sioux Tribal member or other American
     Indian applicant meets minimum qualification will others be considered.  Preference will also be given to
     OLC employees who have completed one year of employment.  (See 60-002)

     Instructor Approval Standards:

     Instructors at Oglala Lakota College should meet the minimum standards of a Masters Degree in the general
     area being considered.  Individuals with less than a Masters degree but a minimum of nine graduate hours
     and/or teaching experience in that particular field may be approved if they present evidence, through
     references, excellence in teaching or other work experience that shows potential value for the teaching
     role.  Upgrading in such cases should be encouraged and facilitated as much as possible.

     Lakota Studies staff should continue in the approval process set forth by the Lakota Studies Council.

     Occupational staff should meet a minimum of the state standards and should develop plans for professional

     Each written qualification standards shall contain the date and certification of approval by the Board of
     Trustees and be maintained in a file in the Personnel Office.

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