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                                   HIRING OF PERSONNEL (PROCEDURE)
                                          (SEARCH AND SCREEN)

A.  Applicability: The search and screen procedures, as defined in this section, are applicable to 
    those major positions of the college, namely: the Executive Vice-President for Community 
    Services and Student Development; the Vice-President for Instructional Programs; the Vice-
    President for Business Affairs; the Director of Institutional Development, and the President. 
    In addition, the Board may feel that the filling of another position other than that described 
    above is crucial enough to warrant the application of search and screen procedures. The 
    board, in this case, may direct that search and screen procedures be applied to that particular 

B.  Deadlines: Immediately upon the vacancy of one of the above positions, that President or 
    other executive officer shall initiate search and screen procedures as defined in this section. 
    Vacancy announcements shall be distributed according to guidelines as defined in this 
    handbook. The Personnel/Grievance Committee shall be called together for the purpose of 
    appointing a Search and Screen Committee. Due to the difficulty sometimes encountered in 
    filling key positions, reasonable time shall be allowed the Search and Screen Committee to 
    submit a list of potential candidates. For those positions for which other executive office shall 
    recommend to the Board at their next regular meeting, that search and screen procedures be 
    initiated for he position in question. Along with the recommendation for search and screen 
    procedures be initiated for the position in question. President or other executive officer shall 
    submit a list of potential search and screen committee members from which the Board will 
    appoint a search screen committee if they decide to initiate such procedures.

C.   Search and Screen Committee: 

    1.  Membership: The committee shall be comprised of six (6) members chosen in the 
        following way:  two program directors or supervisors; two teaching faculty; one 
        center director; one student; both of the major divisions of the college must be 
        represented; the program directors or supervisors may not be from the same 
        division; the teaching faculty may not be from the same department; the student 
        shall be an active student enrolled either part-time or full-time. As soon as possible 
        after appointment, the committee shall convene for the purpose of initiating search 
        and screen procedures. A chairman will be appointed from among and by the 
        members. The responsibility of the chairman shall be to facilitate the meetings and 
        coordinate the functions and responsibilities of the committee.

    2.  Responsibilities: The major responsibility of the committee shall be to complete a 
        list of potential candidates for the position candidates for the position in question. 
        The committee may utilize those means of recruiting applicants that it deems 
        essential to accomplishing the task. Care should be exercised, however, to insure 
        that such means are within policies and guidelines of the college and within the 
        limits of availability of financial resources.

        The chairman shall delegate the various identified tasks to the members of the 
        committee. Form among the list of potential candidates, the committee shall bring 
        in a reasonable number of the candidates for the purpose of interview with the 
        appropriate personnel of the college and with the Personnel/Grievance Committee.

    3.  Candidates: Potential candidates shall be those who have responded to the 
        vacancy announcement and those who have been recruited by the committee by 
        whatever means they may have devised. Candidates shall be considered based 
        solely upon the requirements and responsibilities of the position in question. 
        Sincere efforts shall be made to recruit Indian people, preferable local, who meet 
        the requirements. The committee shall utilize as a guideline in recruiting 
        candidates, the vacancy announcement and job descriptions specifically related to 
        the position in question. In addition, the committee may enumerate other criteria 
        which it deems essential to the position and which are not listed on the vacancy 
        announcement or job descriptions. Those candidates or applicants who do not 
        meet minimum requirements of the position shall not be considered. The 
        committee shall, upon recruiting and interviewing candidates and applicants, 
        submit recommendations to the appropriate supervisor and personnel/grievance 
        committee. The committee shall list all applicants and candidates (providing all 
        meet minimum requirements) in order of preference enumerating specifically 
        (utilizing the criteria of the position) why the individuals are ranked where they 

    4.  Background Check: An applicant for employment with Oglala Lakota College 
        may have a federal background check completed prior to a search and screen 
        committee considering the applicant. 

        Applicants for the Oglala Lakota College Head Start Program must have a tribal 
        records check and a National Criminal History Check completed. The Oglala 
        Lakota College Head Start Program will pay for the cost of the Background 
        investigation for the selected applicant only. The search and screen committee has 
        the discretion to not forward a recommendation to the President based on an 
        applicant’s background check. 
        An applicant for the Head Start Program shall not be considered for employment       
        if the applicant has a felony conviction for theft, any conviction for child abuse 
        and neglect, or any violent felony conviction.  

    5.  Substance/Alcohol Abuse: When an applicant is selected by the Board of 
        Trustees, they will receive a temporary appointment until the drug test results 
        come back to the OLC Personnel Office. If an applicant fails the drug test, their 
        employment with Oglala Lakota College ends immediately. If an applicant passes 
        the drug test, their employment with Oglala Lakota College becomes permanent 
        and retroactive back to the date of the temporary appointment. Current employees 
        applying for different positions within OLC are subject to pre-Employment 
        testing. For the applicant who fails the drug test, they may reapply after 45 days 
        for unfilled vacant positions within the college. Those applicants who have failed 
        an initial drug test and then are hired after the forty five days waiting period will 
        again take a pre-employment drug test and then be randomly drug tested every 
        month for one year. Thereafter, they drug test twice each year. An employee who 
        fails the initial drug test and then fails a second time during their permanent 
        employment shall be immediately terminated. 

    6.  Duration: Upon final recommendation by the Board of Trustees with regard to the 
        position in question, and upon lack of further delegation of responsibility by the 
        Board to the Committee, the Committee shall be officially dissolved.  

    7.  Records of Proceedings: The committee shall, during the course of its activities, 
        maintain accurate records and minutes of its proceedings, meetings, interviews, 
        and deliberations. A separate folder for each candidate and applicant shall be 
        developed; included in the folders shall be all relevant records of the candidate or 
        applicant (application, resume, letters of recommendation, etc.). These records 
        shall be kept readily available to be used by the appropriate supervisor and the 
        Board of Trustees in their deliberations and discussions. Prior to official 
        dissolution of the Committee, to the appropriate files. 

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