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                                                                                                       BOT 8-20-04

                                          FULL-TIME FACULTY - JOB DUTIES

     A.  Full-time faculty salaries cover 20 pay periods per annum.  Faculty may be awarded contracts from 1 to 3

         Terms of duty per annum begin two weeks before the fall semester begins until one week after spring
         semester ends.  The term of duty ends at the end of make-up week if final grades are in, arrangements
         have been made for incompletes, and other required duties have been completed.

     B.  Standard Load:

         1.  Teaching:  The standard load for full-time faculty at OLC will be: Five courses (15 credits) per
             semester with one preparation, or four courses (12 credits) per semester with two but not more than
             three preparations.  The nine-hour class, Ed 489 - Student Teaching, counts towards six (6) hours
             of a faculty load.

         2.  Preparation:  faculty are expected to prepare 1-2 hours for every hour taught.

         3.  Faculty are expected to serve on a least one OLC standing committee.

         4.  Faculty are expected to attend at Piya Wiconi on Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless the
             chairperson of each department has approved a specific office schedule for full-time and adjunct
             faculty in their department.

         5.  Faculty are expected to keep office hours for all classes taught with a minimum of one hour per week
             per course in the district where the course is taught.  Adjunct faculty, within the limits of their
             personal schedules, shall maintainone (1) office hour per week in the center where they teach for
             each class they teach.

         6.  Faculty are expected to serve as academic advisors during registration weeks.  Academic advising
             which is connected with the registration process shall be handled as follows:

             a.  full-time faculty are assigned either to a specific district or to specific advising duties by
                 the department chair each semester.

             b.  full-time faculty will work as academic advisors during the whole registration week on an 8:30
                 to 5:00 p.m. schedule.

             c.  full-time faculty will serve in an academic advisor role during such registration oriented
                 activities as pre-registration and mid term grade counseling when scheduled by the centers and
                 registrar's office.

             d.  All full-time faculty shall schedule at least three (3) hours of academic advising time in the
                 center to which they are assigned.  This is exclusive of advising time during registration.
                 Exception may be made in the case of an overload.

         7.  Faculty are expected to research community service, to further the goals of OLC.  In the event of
             an under load, as defined in B. 1. above, the instructor and department chair will negotiate a
             specific research or community service project to be completed by the end of the semester.  An
             evaluation will be done on the project.  A schedule for all faculty will be published early in each

         8.  Time Keeping:
             Fridays and non-class periods at the beginning and end of each semester, faculty will work from
             8:30 to 5:00 p.m. with 1/2 hour for lunch.

         9.  Instructors' Office Scheduling (Policy from 73-012)
             The Chairperson of each department shall determine the office schedule of instructors in their
             department according to the needs of that department except that:

             a.  All full-time instructors shall be scheduled in a college office site or sites as negotiated
                 with the department chairperson.

             b.  The instructor shall be present for all scheduled meetings, of the department and college,
                 including attendance at assigned committee meetings.

     C.  Overload:
         If a faculty member teaches courses over and above the standard load, (see above) the full-time faculty
         member will receive associate faculty pay per credit hour.  Full-time faculty will be limited to one
         three credit overload per semester.

     D.  Summer School:
         The standard load for a summer session will be determined as follows: Instructors will be paid at the
         hourly rate stated in their contract using the following formula:

             Hourly rate x (total contract hours + total preparation hours)

             Preparation Hours: two hours of preparation time for each contract hour taught.

             Example:  A faculty member who earns $12 per hour (contract rate) would be paid the following for a
             three-credit hour course:

                 $12 x (45 contract hours + 90 preparation hours)

                 $12 x (135 hours) = $1,620.00

         Scheduling for summer school must consider preparation hours as well as contract hours when determining
         total class length.

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