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                                              SALARY SCALE (POLICY)

     A.  Scales

         In the interest of being equitable and competitive, Oglala Lakota College maintains six scales for

         Scale 1 - Support Scale
         Scale 2 - Assistant Scale
         Scale 3 - Directors' Scale
         Scale 4 - Faculty Scale
         Scale 5 - Special Administrator Scale
         Scale 6 - Adjunct Faculty Scale

         Scales are reviewed periodically.

     B.  Experience

         Outside experience in a position comparable to one held at OLC will count on the year scale at 2 years
         outside experience = 1 year step up to a limit of 5 steps (10 years outside experience).  Outside
         experience is counted in full years only.  Inside experience is counted in full years only.

         Full-time faculty members' external college teaching experience may be equated on a 2:1 ratio up to five
         years on the pay scale.  Teaching experience in non-collegiate institutions will be equated at 4:1 up to
         five years.  Administrative experience in a college, secondary and elementary school will be equated at
         4:1 ratio up to five years on the pay scale.  Work experience directly related to Voc Ed instruction will
         be equated at 4:1 ratio up to five years on the pay scale.

     C.  The OLC Board of Trustees will consider annual salary increases (including cost of living increases)
         depending on the availability of funds.

     D.  Continuing Education Credits

         Employees whose continuing education is directly related to their job functions and whose educational
         program has been approved as staff development may be approved for a raise by the Board of Trustees as
         long as funds are available.

         Credit raises are given as people reach various education scale levels.

         For college credit to count for educational step increases on the scale, the credit must be applicable
         to a degree program in some way related to a person's present or possible position at OLC.

         Credit hours are semester hours and must be progressive toward a specific degree.

         Credits above a Bachelor's must be graduate credits.

     E.  When a permanent employee applies for and is selected for a different position within the College, that
         is on a lower salary scale, or is assigned to a position on a lower scale, the employee will have their
         salary reevaluated and adjusted according to the position on the lower salary scale.
         (# V. was approved by the BOT on 8/23/00)

     F.  Staff Teaching

         Non-faculty OLC personnel who teach credit courses outside of work time, will be paid at the adjunct
         associate faculty level as long as they are employed by the college.  Travel, preparation, and teaching
         are expected to be outside regular working hours.

         If an employee is no longer an OLC employee, he/she will revert to the beginning adjunct faculty rate of
         pay until they have gone through the process of qualifying for the associate adjunct faculty pay.

     CROSS REFERENCE: 72-510  Instructor and Staff Compensation for Picture-Tel Courses (Policy)

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