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                                                                     BOT 06-04-09
                         EMPLOYEE RESIGNATION (POLICY)
1.      Proper Notice.   A college employee under contract who desires to terminate 
his/her employment shall submit a written resignation to his/her supervisor stating the 
reasons for which she/he seeks to terminate the contract.  Members of the instructional 
staff must give notice at least 30 days prior to the end of the current semester, effective at 
the end of that semester.  All other staff must give two (2) weeks' notice.
2.      Acceptance of Resignation.   A resignation is recognized when accepted by the 
College President.  Employees are entitled to the salary earned up to the last day of work 
excluding any debts remaining with the college. Any annual leave accrued by the 
resigning employee shall be paid to the employee.  Instructors, who have resigned without 
completing the contract year, cannot claim any remaining personal or consulting days for 
the semester in which they resigned.

3.     Notification. 

i)	The supervisor notifies the Personnel Office that the employee has 
resigned. The notification must be in writing and will include the effective 
date of the resignation. 

ii)	The Personnel Office will forward a letter to the President for approval of 
the resignation per OLC Policy. The Personnel Office will notify the 
Payroll Office, Vice President of Business and the Technology 
Department by email of the effective date of the resignation.

iii)	The Personnel Office will notify the Supervisor that the final timesheet will 
need to be complete. That the final paycheck will be held in the Personnel 
Office until the Personnel Office is notified in writing that the employee 
has returned all OLC property/ (i.e. keys, computers, etc.)

iv)	The final payroll check will be forwarded to the Personnel Office from the 
Payroll for release pending the return of all OLC property and keys. If 
notification isnít received from the Supervisor prior to the Friday when 
payroll is dispersed, the Personnel Office will release the final paycheck. 

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