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                                                                                BOT 03-28-13
                            DEGREE PROGRAMS (POLICY)

A. Approval of Degree Programs

1.   Degree programs are sponsored by Oglala Lakota College upon approval by its 
     Board of Trustees.  Approval shall include degree objectives, total credit hours, 
     alternate emphasis areas, individual course titles, number by department, credit 
     hours, prerequisites, allowable substitutions and status as required or elective.

2.   If co-sponsored by an affiliated institution, approval of the like elements in the degree 
     program must be given and fixed as part of the inter-institutional agreement.

3.   No changes shall be made in degree programs without official action by the Oglala 
     Lakota College Board of Trustees and the affiliated institution if any.

4.   All degrees shall include the General Requirements of the college unless specifically 
     exempted by the Board of Trustees.

5.   Presentation of a new degree program to the Board of Trustees shall also address 
     tribal needs, employment prospects for graduates, number of likely students, location 
     of classes, staff and other resources required, and transferability of credit into similar 
     programs at other institutions.  

B.  A.A. Degree Policy

1.   Any student taking courses at OLC will be entitled to complete the A.A. degree of 
     their choice.

2.   Any student that has completed one half of all general requirements of an A.A. 
     degree will be assigned an OLC faculty advisor.  

C.   OLC will conform to the following program lengths for Associates, Bachelors and 
     Masters degrees.

     a.	  Associates – 60 credits minimum
     b.	  Bachelors – 120 credits minimum
     c.	  Masters – 30 graduate credits beyond Bachelor’s degree

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