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                                                                                                      BOT 05-22-03

                                       COLLEGE ARCHIVES COLLECTION (POLICY)

     Aims of the Oglala Lakota College Archives

           To appraise, collect, organize, describe, preserve, and make available for research the records of
            historical, legal, fiscal, and administrative value to Oglala Lakota College (OLC) and the American
            Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC)

           To appraise, collect, organize, describe, preserve and make available for research the historical and
            cultural records of the Oglala Lakota people, the Lakota Nation, and other Native Americans

           To organize, describe, preserve and make available for research the records of historical, legal,
            fiscal and administrative value to the Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST) that OLC now holds

           To provide facilities and guidance for the proper retention of such records

           To provide reference services that will assist the operation of OLC, including its students, faculty
            and staff

           To serve as a resource to stimulate teaching and learning and to encourage the use of collections by
            members of the aforementioned institutions, the Pine Ridge Reservation community, and scholarly

           To promote knowledge and understanding of the origins and developments of OLC, OST, AIHEC, their
            aims, and their programs

           To promote knowledge and understanding of the Oglala Lakota people in historical and cultural contexts


     Through adherence to record retention schedules, the Archives collects materials of many types that document
     history, development, activities and administration of OLC and AIHEC.

     Through solicitation and acceptance the Archives collects personal and organizational materials that document
     the historical and cultural life of the Oglala Lakota people, the Lakota Nation, and other Native Americans.

     An analysis of the OLC Vision Statement suggests that the Archives should collect materials in order to
     fulfill the Academic, Community, Cultural and Tribal purposes of the College.

     Conditions of Acceptance

     Archival material may be collected by gift, bequest, or in some cases, purchase.  Loans are discouraged but
     may be considered on an individual basis if the material is unique or of special value to OLC or the

     Records will not be accepted if the donor's ownership of such records is uncertain.

     Since the OLC Archives is primarily an informational resource, restrictions on access to donated materials is
     strongly discouraged.  In some cases, in order to protect individual privacy, clearly stated restrictions of
     limited duration can be imposed with guidance from the Archivist.

     Donations which necessitate excessive requirements such as special housing, unreasonable processing, or any
     other inordinate demands on the Archives' resources will not be accepted.

     In order to facilitate research, collections that are split between more than one repository will not be
     accepted unless such a refusal endangers the physical safety of the collection.


     A maximum of three (3) copies of any item will be retained.  In general, on (1) or two (2) copies will be

     Institutional records are always subject to their retention periods according to the appropriate records
     retention schedule.

     Unwanted items within donated collections will be disposed of in accordance with the stipulations in the
     Donation Agreement.  These items are usually returned to the donor, transferred to the LOCI Library/Learning
     Resource Center or other repository, or destroyed.

     At some future time, the Archives may decide to digitize, or otherwise reformat donated collections for
     preservation or access purposes.  In this instance, the original material may be kept by the Archives,
     returned to the donor, transferred or destroyed according to the terms of the Donation Agreement.

     Since collection appraisal is a continuous process, acceptance of material does not commit OLC Archives to
     retain any material in perpetuity.  Notice of intended return, deaccession or destruction can be provided if
     donor requests such in the Donation Agreement.

     The Archivist reserves the right to make all appraisal decisions regarding the archival collections.  Such
     decisions will be based on his/her knowledge of archival principles in general, and of the mission of LOCI
     and aims of the OLC Archives in particular.


     Generally speaking, the following types of material will not be accepted by the Archives:

           Books, or periodicals, unless they are rare, out of print, unique and/or directly related to OLC, its
            faculty, staff, students or community members.

           Most three-dimensional artifacts, unless they have been confirmed by a person of authority to be of
            historical or cultural significance to the Lakota people, or by the Archivist to be of historical or
            cultural significance to OLC.

           Duplicate (more than 3 copies) published or distributed materials; e.g., catalogs, commencement
            programs, etc.

           Employees' personal belongings and non-records, i.e. items not covered in the employees' respective
            records retention schedules.

           Photocopies or clippings.

     If material would be better placed in another repository because it would complement an existing collection
     elsewhere, the Archivist will refer donors to that repository.

     Collection of Fees

     Fees are set by the Archivist and are collected for the following: photocopies, microform copies, research
     services, electronic document delivery, photographic services, and publication of materials in any format.
     The Fee Schedule and Publications Fees documents outline the specific charges, and have been modeled after
     the policies of like academic archives.

     Prepayment for service and publication fees is required from all patrons, except students and employees of
     OLC, and Oglala Sioux Tribal Members, who are not required to pay fees.


     In a very few cases, there will be exceptions to the policies outlined above.  In those rare instances, the
     Archivist will exercise professional judgment.

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