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                                                                                  BOT 04-29-10

                                  Transfer of Credit Policy

General Statement
Oglala Lakota College will accept credits in transfer from institutions accredited y the North 
Central Association of Schools and Colleges or other regional higher education accrediting 
associations as they apply to core and degree requirements at Oglala Lakota College. Credits 
transferred are not calculated into GPA.

Transfer Students
Students transferring from other colleges may be accepted by Oglala Lakota College. For a 
student to receive credit from work taken at another college, that student must have an official 
transcript of his/her work sent directly to the Registrar.

    1.	A transfer applicant shall be expected to have maintained a C average (2.0 grade 
        point average), for all college work previously attempted. However, a student may be 
        admitted on probationary status. 
    2.	Transferring students must designate a degree goal and major at the associate or 
        baccalaureate level. The only transfers necessary would be those that are applicable to 
        the specific degree status sheet selected. Credit older than ten years from the date of 
        transfer is not transferable to OLC. 
    3.	Any transferring students with an earned baccalaureate degree or higher degree from a 
        nationally recognized, accredited institution of higher education who is seeking an 
        additional baccalaureate would only have to do the following. The student will meet 
        with the appropriate department chairperson to negotiate only those courses necessary 
        to achieve award of another degree/diploma in the designated major. In addition to 
        those courses negotiated with the department chairperson, the student will also need to 
        meet the other two criteria for graduation from OLC; a minimum of thirty credit hours 
        from OLC which would include the Lakota Studies requirement for the chosen degree 
    4.	International students must present documentation of a valid visa/citizen status which 
        will allow active enrollment. Oglala Lakota College does not endorse, support, or initiate 
        vise application. International transcript material must be accredited and translated 
        relevant to United States academic standards. 

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