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                                                                                                12-02 and 08-21-03

                                   CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS (CEU'S) (POLICY)

     Continuing Education Units may be granted for learning experiences (work-shops, seminars) that provide
     participants with continuing education in a particular field.  (For example:  professional training,
     post-graduate learning experiences, Lakota culture, physical education, in-service training, and

     One continuing education unit (CEU) will be granted for each ten contact hours in a CEU classroom activity.
     Fractions of CEU's are granted in the same ratio. (.10 per hour)

     CEU's may be converted to college credits or used to substitute for courses required in degree programs only
     when the academic department concerned is satisfied and can document that knowledge equivalent to
     departmental course has been acquired.

     Some learning experiences may offer the students a choice of CEU or academic credit but not both.  In such
     cases, appropriate standards and expectations will be explained in advance.  When an activity meets
     academic standards, the option of academic credit should be offered.

     The college may establish tuition and recording fees for CEU's as necessary.

     For the purpose of counting Continuing Education Units (CEU's) under the Tribally Controlled College or
     University Assistance Act, 15 contact hours of Continuing Education will equal 1 Indian Student Count.

     Cross Ref.:  70-500 Assigning Course Numbers (Policy)

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