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Processing of an application will begin only when the application form, application fee, 
transcripts, letters of recommendation, and test data as required by the department are 
received in the Nursing Department. If an applicant fails to complete the application file 
by the January 30th deadline for the proposed term, a new date of entry will need to be 
specified. Students will be selected only in the Spring, to begin the nursing program the 
following Fall semester, providing they have met all pre-requisites requirements.

Complete application documents are available on OLC Nursing Website under Nursing 
Documents (http://www.olc.edu/local links/ nursing/). A complete application file must 

   1.	Complete, signed application form.
   2.	$45.00 application fee. This fee is non-refundable, regardless of what action is 
        taken on the application for admission. Check or money order only made out to 
        OLC Nursing Department – no cash.
   3.	Official transcripts from each higher education institution attended, other than 
        OLC, and if not already on file at the OLC Registrar’s office. These transcripts 
        must be sent directly from the institution attended to the Registrar’s Office of 
        Oglala Lakota College. Transcripts “Issued to Student” are unofficial. Official 
        transcripts must be sent to:

                   PO Box 490
                   Kyle, SD 57752
   4.	Three letters of recommendation. These are required from persons other than 
        relatives and friends, who are familiar with the applicant’s academic and/or 
        employment record. 
   5.	Essay – five paragraphs of 100-150 words each, developing the answers to: a.) 
        Why you have chosen nursing as a career, b.) Life events that contributed to 
        your decision, c.) People that have influenced you, d.) What types of nursing 
        interest you, and e.) What you hope to do with your nursing degree. Include 
        these four Lakota values of Wisdom, Respect, Generosity, and Courage, in any 
        way you can in your essay, as you relate them to aspects of nursing. This should 
        be developed into a page to a page and a half typed paper.
   6.	Certificate of degree of Indian blood if applying to OLC for the first time.
   7.	Official high school transcript or GED Certificate if it is not already on file at OLC.
   8.	Applications and all related documents should be mailed to:

                    Oglala Lakota College
                    Department of Nursing
                    PO Box 861
                    1 Nursing Way
                    Pine Ridge, SD 57770

Selection Criteria
Students who have completed pre-requisites courses and submitted application 
documents will be selected according to the following criteria:

   1.  G.P.A. of 2.5 or better

   2. Tribal enrollment priority as follows:
       a.   Enrolled members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who are veterans.
       b.   Enrolled members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe
       c.   Enrolled members of other Lakota Tribes who are veterans
       d.   Enrolled members of other Lakota Tribes (Rosebud and Cheyenne River   
       e.   Enrolled members of other Federally recognized tribes

   3. Reference letters and personal interview and an essay assist the faculty to evaluate 
      personal characteristics desired in health professionals and those that are reflective of 
      Lakota values, including the following:  
      a.   Ability to work with people 
      b.   Potential for leadership 
      c.   Personal initiative 
      d.   Growth potential 
      e.   Concern for others 
      f.   Motivation 
      g.   Integrity 
      h.   Reliability 
      i.   Reaction to feedback
      j.   Communication skills.

   4. When the program can accommodate who meet all other requirements will be 
      selected according to the following criteria:
      a. Students committed to remaining in the service area as evidenced by:
         i.  Living in the service area for more than five (5) years, thus demonstrating 
             permanent residence.
        ii. having permanent family/relative ties in the service area

   5. Current Certified Nursing Assistant status verification or pass Nursing   Department 
      Certified Nursing Assistant course.

   6. Entrance testing as set up by the department.

      After assessing the above criteria, the most weight will be given to academic 
      standing (GPA) and entrance testing results.

After Selection

After being provisionally selected for admission the applicant must complete the 

   7. A clear comprehensive background check and drug/alcohol test. If the results of the 
      background check are not cleared, it may be reviewed by the Nursing Department 
      personnel with the Board of Nursing and clinical sites. This review may result in 
      barring admission. Failure to undergo a drug/alcohol screen, a positive drug/alcohol 
      screen, or a tampered with sample will result in barring admission. If the drug/alcohol 
      screen comes back positive and a valid prescription exists, and the student is under 
      the current treatment of a licensed medical professional, who verifies this 
      prescription will not interfere with clinical judgement, the test result will be deemed 

   8. Physical and eye exam, along with current immunizations, as required by health care 
      facilities, completed prior to start of fall courses. Yearly TB testing is required of all 
      nursing students.

 The number of students admitted for each Fall semester will not exceed available 
faculty or clinical laboratory resources. Provisional selection and notification of students 
for the fall semester will be made by the end of June prior to fall entry. 

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