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A.   Withdrawal From Classes

 1.  Students wishing to withdraw from a class must obtain a withdrawal card from 
     a local counselor, or the Registrar. When the card has been properly completed 
     and returned to the Registrar’s office, permission to withdraw will be given. 
     Withdrawal without this procedure may result in academic suspension.

If the withdrawal is completed within the first two weeks of the semester, 
enrollment will not be recorded on official transcript.

               The sequence for withdrawal is shown below:

               1 – 2 weeks        “W” not recorded on permanent record
               3 – 16 weeks      “W” recorded on permanent record

B.   Summer school Withdrawal Procedure

The same withdrawal procedure applies to students who take summer school courses. 
Summer school normally runs for five weeks.

 1.  First Day …………”W” not recorded on permanent record
 2.  Second Day ………”W” recorded on permanent record

Any student who does not officially withdraw from class or classes will receive 
a grade of an “F” on all classes not completed.
C.   Withdrawal/Drop

The following withdrawal/drop procedure must be followed by the instructor:
 1.  The student may be dropped by the instructor, using an official card, after 
     three consecutive unexcused absences.

 2.  All instructors must submit on-line attendance weekly.

 3.  All instructors must hand in drops on a weekly basis. The drops must be 
     dated and signed.

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 4.  The drop card must be signed and dated by any two of the following 
     people: Registrar, Counselor, Student, District Director, or Instructor.
 5.  All counselors must submit weekly add/drop cards.

 6.  Five consecutive absences will also result in an automatic withdrawal by the 

 7.  Five scattered absences will also result in an automatic withdrawal. There are 
     No reinstatements and NO exceptions for students who are dropped for five 

The Registrar will send notice to Counselors a list of students who are 
withdrawn due to five absences. 

Drop/Add Procedure

During registration and the first week of classes a student may change their enrollment by 
the following procedure. Complete a drop/add card, make the changes and return card to 
the Registrar. Add/drop is during the first week of classes only. IF a student discontinues 
a course and fails to follow the prescribed procedure for dropping a course the center 
counselor will submit a drop card and drop the student administratively. If a class is 
dropped after the third week the student will be liable for full cost.

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