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                                 BOT 03-02-06, 02-27-06, 06-28-07, 05-27-10, 08-25-11, 05-30-13
                                  ATTENDANCE (PROCEDURE) 
Students are required to attend classes regularly. Instructors will submit attendance on-
line weekly to the end of the semester.  

If a student wishes to be excused from a class, it is the student's responsibility to clear the 
absence with the instructor.  At that time the student must arrange for a make-up 
assignment.  However, an excused absence is the same as an absence until the student has 
completed work equivalent to being in class within one week of the absence. Once the 
make up assignment is completed, the instructor may change the absent to present 
depending on the circumstances and quality of work. This will only apply to no more 
than two absences. 

A student will be dropped from a course after three consecutive absences or after five 
total absences by the Registrar. 

The only exception will be made due to faculty error.

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