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                                                                BOT 04-29-10, 05-17-12, 12-22-12

                         Graduation Requirement Course Procedure

1.	The student and sponsoring faculty member fill out the GRC Form. Approval signatures 
        required from the following persons in the laid out order.

   a.	Student
   b.	Faculty member 
   c.	College Center Director
   d.	Department Chairperson
   e.	Registrar (for GPA check)
   f.	Vice-President of Instruction 

2.	A GRC Form must be submitted to the Registrarís Office no later than the last day of the 
        add/drop period. 

Remuneration and mileage 

1.	Instructions will be paid at the rate of $100.00 per credit hour for each GRC.
        Mileage will be paid to instructors for travel associated with GRC as per OLC mileage 

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