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                                                            BOT 03-02-2006, BOT 11-20-08
The Student Fund person at Oglala Lakota College will have the authority to make 
collections on all outstanding tuition, fees and book bills.  The Vice President for 
Business Affairs shall place a hold at the OLC Registrar's Office on all grades, transcripts 
and diplomas of students who have outstanding tuition, fees or book bills until such debts 
are fully paid.  All current semester students having outstanding debts will be contacted 
by student funds person/counselor by mid-term and be asked to sign an agreement 
allowing collection from current year financial aid.

Any student whose attendance does not result in “per pupil funding” for Oglala Lakota 
College and who is not eligible for the full financial aid to cover all costs must pay their 
full tuition and fees by the end of the third week of classes. Failure to pay the full tuition 
and fees by the third week of classes will result in an automatic administrative 
withdrawal from classes at Oglala Lakota College. 

If the student still wants to receive college credit for the courses he/she has been taking, 
the student must adhere to the following requirements: 
1.	Pay your tuition bill at the end of the semester. 
2.	Continue attending classes and complete your coursework. 

By the end of the semester, if paid in full, the student will be reinstated and receive the 
grade(s) earned. If the balance is not paid by the end of the semester, the student will 
have an outstanding debt with the college and withdrawals will show on his/her 
transcript. Until the outstanding tuition and fees are paid in full, the student will not be 
allowed to register at Oglala Lakota College. 

Students must apply for financial aid and sign an agreement for future financial aid to 
cover the cost of the semester that the deferred tuition and fees payment request is 

Billing Notification 

Students will receive a timely and accurate billing each semester and student records will 
be reviewed for accuracy upon a student’s request. Liability will be recorded as a program 
debt if the liability is determined to be that of a program such as WIA, BIA, OST, etc. 

In all cases, unless financial aid approval has been received by the Financial Aid Office, 
including costs of textbooks, students will pay for textbooks before receiving them. 

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