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                                 STUDENT ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS 
                                    FOR TITLE IV FUNDING

Oglala Lakota College Financial Aid Director and staff take very seriously the eligibility 
requirements that a student must meet to be eligible for Title IV funding.  When a 
studentís financial aid file is complete, the eligibility requirements for that student are 
reviewed before the packaging process will begin.  Student eligibility requirements are 
listed below:
    1.   Must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident.
    2.   Must be admitted as a regular student and meet all admission requirements.
    3.   Must be a high school or G.E. D. graduate.
    4.   Must make satisfactory academic progress towards a degree or certificate.
    5.   Must not be in default on any previous federally sponsored education loans.
    6.   Must be registered with Selective Service, if applicable.
    7.   Must not owe a Federal Pell or FSEOG repayment.
    8.   Must verify information used to determine their financial need with appropriate 
         documents if selected for verification.
    9.   Copy of Social Security Card, if required.
   10.   Must be admitted to Oglala Lakota College as a regular student into an approved 
         program of study.
   11.   Must complete an on-line FAFSA.
   12.   If there is questionable or unresolved information, the student must meet with the 
         Financial Aid staff to clear up the discrepancies noted on the NSLDS report.  The 
         student will not receive Title IV funds until all discrepancies on the NSLDS report 
         has been satisfactorily released.
   13.   Must not have a current drug conviction.

OLC has the right to request from a prospective aid recipient any documentation needed 
to assure the student is eligible for Title IV aid before the student will be packaged.
No student will be packaged until their file contains:
    *	A completed Admissions Application with a declared major
    *	A Valid ISIR
    *	Verification completed if required

Financial Aid Award Letter
A financial aid award letter for Title IV funds and all other aid will be available for 
each student who receives aid at Oglala Lakota College.  The award letter 
includes total student costs, Expected Family Contribution (EFC), total aid 
offered.  The award letter will be signed and dated by the student.  The award 
letter will be accompanied by a supplemental document that describes progress, 
institutional policy and certain Federal Regulations.

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