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                                   SCHOLARSHIPS (Policy) 

Scholarship Policy for In-House Scholarships 

Scholarship Subcommittee

The Scholarship Subcommittee is a permanent standing committee of the Students 
Services Committee. The function of the Scholarship Subcommittee is to serve as the 
scholarship selection committee for general scholarships. The membership of the 
Scholarship Subcommittee is as follows: 

15 All Counselors from each of the ten instructional sites with 1 vote per center. 
1  The Nursing Program Counselor
1  The Student Services Coordinator 
1  The Registrar
1 The Chairperson of the Student Services Committee
1 One person appointed from the Presidentís Office 
20 Total

Quorum:  There are a total of twenty members of this subcommittee. Twelve (12) 
members will constitute a quorum. 

The standing chairperson is the Student Services Coordinator and a secretary will be 
elected at the 1st meeting. 


1.  Conducts the meetings and establishes the agendas. 
2.  Checks that all participants are notified of meetings, and that the minutes have been 
3.  Is responsible to see that all scholarship application forms are distributed to all 
    college centers for registration. 
4.  Creates and maintains reference materials, rating sheets, application forms. 


1.  Keeps minutes of all meetings
2.  Distributes copies of the minutes to all members of the committee. 
3.  Maintains other documents, which certify that procedures have been followed in 
    selecting scholarship recipients. 
4.  Following the selection of students for scholarships, the secretary sends the minutes 
    of the scholarship meeting to the Student Services Coordinator which contains the 
    following information: 
    (a)	 a list of scholarship recipients. 
    (b)	 The amount awarded to each student, and 
    (c)	 The district in which each student is registered. 

Only complete on-line applications will be considered for selection. This includes the 
application, essay and photograph. Undergraduate and Graduate students must complete 
the PELL process to be considered for selection to determine the financial need of each 

All scholarships are required a minimum of 2.0 cumulative G.P.A. and current enrollment 
of at least 3 hours. 

Also for students in 3 hours, if they were originally full-time at the time of registration 
but dropped 9 hours and still have a need as a less than half-time student, they will be 
awarded. If they no longer have a need as a less than half-time student after they are 
dropped from full-time status, they are disapproved. Cost of Attendance is calculated at 
the hours remaining.

Students may apply for all available scholarships that OLC receives. For two scholarship 
sources, the scholarship total will not exceed the studentís financial need which includes 
all funding. This does not restrict students from receiving any outside scholarships. 

Native American Students are to be considered first preference for all scholarships. 
Native American eligibility will be determined if a student is an enrolled member of a 
federally recognized tribe or they must submit proof that their parents have a degree of 
Indian blood. 

Once a student is fully packaged or their financial need has been fully met according to 
the Oglala Lakota College Cost of Attendance budget, they are ineligible for all OLC 
scholarships. (With the exception of the Non-Smoking Scholarship, as this is a health 

Students who receive in-house scholarships who drop or are dropped from all classes 
after their scholarship disbursement will be ineligible for in-house scholarships for the 
following semester. A studentís in-house scholarship privileges will be reinstated after a 
one semester ineligibility period. Eligibility will continue therafter, unless a student again 
drops all of and no longer eligible for in-house scholarships. There is no appeal process if 
a student is suspended from in-house scholarships.

Students who are in Default or MAX Pell are eligible for in house scholarships as long as 
they are making Satisfactory Academic Progress. 

All OLC scholarships except AICF and General Fund will be cancelled if student totally 
drops before the scholarships are disburse. Morgan Stanley and the BOT scholarships 
will be re-awarded at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office. Students who submit 
inappropriate pictures will not be considered for AICF scholarships but will be 
considered for in-house scholarships. Examples of inappropriate pictures are baby 
pictures, students wearing sunglasses, bandanas, unclear pictures, ect. The financial aid 
office will screen the pictures and will determine the appropriateness of the pictures for 
AICF. Any repugnant or obscene photos will not be considered for a scholarship award.  

Committee members are ineligible for all in-house scholarships as it is a conflict of 
interest. Committee members will not nominate immediate family members for 
scholarships and will not vote on awarding scholarships for their immediate family 

Immediate family members are a s defined: Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, and 

At the time the scholarship award is reviewed by the Student Fund Accountant, the entire 
scholarship will be applied to the studentís bill if there is an outstanding balance for the 
current semester. 

All scholarships are subject to deduction of half the remaining scholarship for old tuition 
and fee bills. 


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