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                                                                         BOT 10-18-11


The Board believes that various social, family, and personal problems including the 
abuse of alcohol or other drugs can be an obstacle to the development of individual 
students, staff, and others. The Board perceives these problems as major contributors to 
poor school performance, absenteeism, communication problems, physical and mental 
health concerns, and poor self-concept problems of students. The Board acknowledges 
that these problems affect individuals regardless of culture, age, socioeconomic or 
education levels, or religious affiliation. The Board views these problems as treatable. 
The Board recognizes the effects of the troubled studentís behavior upon friends, family, 
co-workers and self, and therefore supports the need for a comprehensive approach to 
intervention and treatment. To this end the Board will maintain a Student Assistance 
Program to assist individuals who may be experiencing problems including their own or 
a family memberís alcohol or other drug abuse.

Student Assistance Program

Students are recognized as adults and as such are expected to obey all local, state and 
federal laws as well as the policies of Oglala Lakota College (OLC).

   A.	OLC students who are in possession of alcohol and/or controlled substances, or 
        who distribute alcohol and/or controlled substances, or who sell alcohol and/or 
        controlled substances on or in any OLC campus or facility or at any college 
        sponsored activity will be immediately reported to the appropriate enforcement 
        agency in their area. The student may be barred or expelled from classes until 
        the student has completed all legal requirements and recommendation made by 
        the court system. The student will then need to provide documentation that they 
        have addressed this issue. 

Steps for possession, distribution, and selling of alcohol and/or controlled substances:

   1.	The first offense, the student will be suspended from taking classes for the 
        remainder of the semester or any additional semester until they are adjudicated.
   2.	The second offense, the student will be expelled from OLC for a period of one 
        year, at which time, the student will appeal to the local board. 
   3.	Documentation of any offense will placed in the student file in the EAP Office.
   4.	At any point, the student has the right to grieve this offense. 

   B.	Students who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs on any OLC 
        Campus or facility or at any college sponsored activity, will be immediately 
        reported to the appropriate enforcement agency in their area to be placed in 
        protective 8 hour custody. 

   1.   Upon return to the center, the student will report to the counselor for a referral to 
        the SAP/EAP Office. The SAP/EAP will refer the student to the appropriate 
        agency for assessment and recommendations.
   2.   For a second offense, the student will be expelled from taking classes and must 
        request in writing, with proof that the student has taken steps to address their 
        substance use (i.e. alcohol/drug assessment recommendation letter, proof of 
        completion of treatment) to be reinstated. A student conduct agreement will be 
        signed by the student with specific action to be taken should the student repeat 
        the offense. 
   3.   A third offense can warrant a barring from OLC.

   C.	Additional Policies would apply for those departments who may have extra 
        requirements. Some programs of study may require additional drug testing 

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