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                              STANDARDS OF CONDUCT (POLICY)

OLC students will abide by the standards of conduct while on college premises.  Every 
student has the right to a safe learning environment.  To ensure this safety, OLC applies 
the following as acts of misconduct subject to disciplinary action:
     *   Any actual or threatened physical violence.  
     *   Gross disorderly conduct.
     *   Verbal abuse or harassment.
     *   Vandalism of OLC premises.
     *   Attending classes under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
     *   Failure to properly supervise children on college premises.
     *   Any other student conduct that causes a disruption in classes or business 
         transactions on college premises.
     *   Failure to abide by the College’s Gun-free/Weapon-free Policy. 

Oglala Lakota College shall have a zero tolerance for student confrontations that result 
in a violent act by one student against another student or any employee of Oglala Lakota 
College.  A violent act shall include but not be limited to hitting or shoving another 

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