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                                        NURSING PROGRAM CLINICAL (POLICY)

     Late Policy

     Three (3) late appearances to the clinical assignment will result in (1) one unexcused absence.  Late is
     defined as any time after the time clinical is to begin; i.e., if clinical is to begin at 6:30 a.m., 6:31
     is considered late.

     Unexcused Absences in the Clinical Assignment
     Two (2) unexcused absences will result in probation.
     Three (3) unexcused absences will result in suspension or expulsion.

     Medication Administration Without Supervision
     Any student documented administering a medication or doing an invasive nursing procedure to a patient
     without DIRECT FACULTY SUPERVISION may automatically be expelled from the program after faculty review.

     DIRECT SUPERVISION is defined as "supervision given by a registered nurse (faculty in the case of a nursing
     student) who is PHYSICALLY PRESENT in the IMMEDIATE AREA where the patient is being provided nursing
     service."  (Adapted from South Dakota Board of Nursing, January 1989, Vol. 89, Number 1, p. 2.)

     Insubordination in the Clinical Assignment
     Documented insubordination of a student will result in a warning and the student being placed on probation.
     Insubordination is defined as a student refusing to carry out patient assignments without just cause or
     manifesting disruptive behaviors during pre- or post-clinical conferences or during the actual clinical
     If insubordination continues and documentation is present, a faculty meeting will be called and a vote will
     be taken which may result in the student being expelled.

     Alcohol and Drug Abuse
     Students with alcohol or drug problems must be actively involved in an institutional counseling program.
     The student must submit the name of their counselor and the counselor must notify the department on a
     monthly basis that the student is attending and participating in the program.  If the student does not
     enter a counseling program and alcohol or drug abuse is evident, the student will be dropped from the
     nursing program.

     If a student comes to the clinical assignment and appears impaired or there is evidence of chemical use, the
     student will not be allowed on the unit.  Should this occur more than once, the student will automatically
     be suspended until the problem is under control and evidence of counseling is noted.  Should this occur after
     reinstatement from the suspension or it happens a third time, the student will be expelled from the program.

     Clinical Site Housing Policy
     Off-site clinical agency housing policies will be followed.
     These policies have been written to comply with the South Dakota Nurse Practice Act, SDCL 36-9-49 and
     36-9-49.1 which specifically define the possible grounds for Board action against a nurse's license or
     grounds for denial of an application for a license.  (Contact Nursing Director)

     Oglala Lakota College student misconduct policy and student grievance policy are part of this policy.

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