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                                                                       BOT 10-28-10, 04-28-16


A.   Student Responsibility

   1.	It is the responsibility of the student to complete and submit an application for 
        graduation including the current non-refundable graduation fee for each degree. 
   2.	It is the responsibility of the student to meet with a counselor and/or faculty advisor 
        who will make every effort to assist the student in this process. A typed status sheet 
        and written plan stating when and how the student will meet the remaining 
        requirements for graduation must also be submitted with the application. Courses 
        cannot be used more than once for any degree. 
   3.	It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all degree requirements are met 
        successfully before June 1st “F’s” or “Incomplete’s” will not be deemed satisfactory 
        completion of requirements for any degree program. If a student fails to complete 
        the requirements for graduation by the June 1st deadline then the student will have 
        to reapply for graduation the following academic year. 

B.   Registrar’s Office 

   1.	The Registrar shall schedule meetings with district counselors to compare the status 
        sheets with the OLC transcripts to confirm that the student is making progress. The 
        Registrar will notify the student in writing, identifying courses needed in order to 
        complete degree requirements. 
   2.	The Registrar will prepare a roster by April 1st each year of students projected to 
        graduate that spring semester. This roster will be used for all graduation planning 
   3.	When grades have been posted at the end of the spring semester, the Registrar will 
        send out confirmation letters to all graduate applicants who have successfully 
        completed degree requirements. Denial letters will go out to students who did not 
        complete degree requirements. 
   4.	Posthumous degree will only be awarded if the student has met 85% of the degree 
        requirements, the degree shall say “Honorary”, and the student must be currently 
        enrolled. Request must be in writing from immediate family members.
   5.	Replacement diplomas will be issued once a year. The cost is $25.00, and must 
        include a written request. 

C.   Assessment 

   1.	All students graduating with an associate’s degree, or baccalaureate degree, (or 
        combinations thereof) will take part in Woiwanyanke Wounspe Day (“Looking at 
        oneself and what has been learned”). Results will be used only to improve student 
        learning. Scores on the assessments will not impede graduation completion of any 
        individual or group nor require additional courses. (BOT 5/19/99)

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